Centurian Automotive

Centurian Automotive is an award-winning automotive dealership with a strong and fast growing online digital presence. 

A blue Porsche and a dark grey Bentley

Centurian offers best-in-class customer service and was recently chosen by Autotrader from 13,000 motor dealers in the UK to represent the benchmark for all dealership training, marketing and master classes.

Centurian has been operating as a vendor of pre-owned luxury vehicles since 2006, purchasing vehicles to stock and sell solely on the expertise of its Management. Cars are primarily purchased through British Car Auctions Ltd or are acquired via part exchange from customers. All cars are physically displayed in the Kettering showroom however most customers originate from online platforms such as Autotrader and Facebook.

At any given time, Centurian stocks approximately 100 cars of varying models and ages, usually priced between £20k and £40k.

Centurian is a focussed differentiator, setting itself apart from other dealerships by providing exemplary customer service.

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