VivoPlex is a digital health company aiming to transform fertility treatment with precision medicine.

Representation of new life in the hands of a scientist , 2 images of lab workers in blue gowns.

VivoPlex has developed a wireless, battery-free medical device that measures pH, temperature and dissolved oxygen level in the uterus continuously for up to seven days.

The data from VivoPlex’s device allows clinicians to optimise and personalise current fertility treatments, enabling improvements in IVF success rates. VivoPlex has successfully completed multiple animal trials and one human trial with further trials planned for Q1 2020.

"Oxygen, pH and temperature are amongst the master regulators of embryonic development and implantation. Hence being able to monitor these key physiological parameters is of utmost significance when it comes to determining the suitability of the environment within the female reproductive tract.
The sensor technology developed by VivoPlex will also be invaluable in ensuring that the IVF laboratory is functioning optimally."

David K Gardner F.A.A. ProfessorUniversity of Melbourne