Cambridge Sleep Sciences

Cambridge Sleep Sciences creates innovative products that help improve quality of life through natural sleep.

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Understanding the importance of sleep for physical and mental wellbeing, Cambridge Sleep Sciences combine science and sound to pioneer the development of unique sleep solutions.

Their first ground breaking product, SleepHub®, uses exclusive neuroscience and high quality sound technology to retrain the brain to restore natural sleep patterns. A key part of Cambridge Sleep Sciences’ ongoing growth strategy involves forging partnerships with and licensing this sound technology to third parties. These include specialist IT distributor Probitas Technologies, health and wellbeing network Nexus Digital Technology and employee benefits platform My Benefits World.

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Verso Biosense

Leading a data revolution in Womens’ Health, Verso Biosense exists to create a meaningful impact and solve real human problems with precision medicine.

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Verso Biosense has developed a patent-protected, battery free uterine monitoring device and platform. Enabling the continuous measurement of pH, temperature and dissolved oxygen levels in the uterus, it provides continuous data on real-time uterine conditions.

This data creates meaningful impact on how clinicians and the pharmaceutical industry in women’s health make better, evidence-based clinical decision. Utilising first-in-class, individual patient data sets, Verso Biosense’s uterine monitoring platform has the ability to change paradigms and optimise treatment across IVF and fertility, endometriosis, fibrosis, menopause and oncology.

The core team is also supported by an engaged Scientific Advisory Board that represents the world’s leaders in women’s health.